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Lecture-Recorder app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 956 ratings )
Utilities Education
Developer: Benjamin Lochmann
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Feb 2012
App size: 2.92 Mb

Youre sick of sitting in class or university and making notes the whole time?
Thats over now. Only write down the most important things and let your iPhone do the rest.

With the Lecture Recorder, making notes will become a walk in the park.
Label your recordings with a name, that fits, add some additional information, like "Lecture on Law by John Q. Public, PhD" and youre good to go.

Press "Record" and the app records the lecture for you. During the recording, you can add further notes, whenever you need. Plus, you can make photos and add them to the recording as well! The app remembers at what point during the lecture you added notes and pictures, so you can always go back and take a look. Of course, you can add your notes to a specific point later on.

Select a note or picture and listen to the recording from that point on. Additionally, thanks to the repeat-function, you can listen to the same part over and over again.

All your recordings are stored in a library, so you have quick and easy access to them, whenever you need it.

This app can record in the background as well. Warning: Having this app run in the background may drastically decrease battery life.

Latest reviews of Lecture-Recorder app for iPhone and iPad

where is the updates
where is the update where is the developper what the heck we need updates the last update was in 2013 we paid money dude we need updates for the new ios
This app is really good but I have no idea how to erase a recording
Needs some work
Difficult to navigate. Need to be able to upload previously recorded items.
Still needs work
It looks like it has potential, but it still needs some work I missed a lecture today because I thought it was recording. The instructions said "Press Record to start." There was no button labeled "record" however I did see a button that said "recording". So, I though it was indeed recording. Obviously, it did not record. I understand this now, but it is too late for the lecture I lost.
Good but bugs
Works fine except when I received a phone call and it wiped my recording :(
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